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Tobin Heath Goal 45’ Better Quality

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Heather O’Reilly celebrating her goal against the Mexican WNT | 9/14/2014 | Sandy, Utah

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But time is catching up with Rampone. She cuts a thick bundle of tape off her ankles after every game this season as she is playing through sesomioditis in her left foot -€“ a floating bone is fractured - and arthritis in both feet. She returned to the field this season just 10 days after suffering a concussion. And she has Lyme disease, which she’d had for years but wasn’t diagnosed with until 2010, when she was 13 years into her professional career.

Regardless, she plays on. She’s always played on. - (X)

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"We have Hope Solo & you don’t."

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And #USWNT camp has begun…under a beautiful Utah sky.

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Sydney Leroux realizes she has the wrong jersey. (x)

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"Oh it’s in Alex Morgan has done it"

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USA vs. Canada

August 6, 2012

Old Trafford, Manchester

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